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  • Is your teen experiencing anxiety, depression, grieving a loss, having problems in school or using drugs? Your teen isn’t alone. According to a 2010 report, 49.5% of teens in the US met criteria for a mental health disorder.* A study from 2008 found that 8.1% of teens had at least one depressive episode. With suicide being the third leading cause of death for youth between ages 10-24, resulting in 4,513 deaths in 2008, it is very important to get your teen the help they need before it is too late.** 

    Teens experience many stressors which can lead to various issues that impact the entire family and many can be treated in therapy.

    The earlier teens get help, the better their chances are for improving in therapy. Therapy can stop many issues from getting worse and decrease the chances for a lifetime of mental health issues while also relieving more immediate stress.Courtyard at Westlake

    LA Teen Counseling will make sure that your child learns skills that will last beyond treatment. Your child will learn how to cope with various issues and learn new communication skills that will benefit the whole family.

    LA Teen Counseling will create a personalized treatment plan with your teen to address the specific stressors they are experiencing.

    Individual, family and group therapy are offered as well as super-bills for out of network insurance reimbursements. For your convenience, all credit cards, checks and cash are accepted for payment.

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