• Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is psychological testing and assessment?

    Psychological testing and assessments can help to determine a diagnosis and guide treatment for patients the same way that doctors order blood tests to determine what is causing symptoms. It can help answer questions of the underlying cause of a person’s problem and figure out the best way to treat that problem.

    If a child is struggling with grades in school, is it because he or she has ADHD or is it due to difficulties with reading? Psychological testing can help answer these questions for the child and provide recommendations for the school and family to make appropriate accommodations based on those needs.

    If someone has been in psychotherapy and has not been showing progress, has the person been properly diagnosed? Psychological testing can help determine the proper diagnosis or underlying issues that can better guide the treatment going forward.

    2. How do I explain testing to my children?

    Do not use the word “testing” to your child as this tends to carry a negative connotation. Tell them that they are going to be meeting with someone and doing different tasks like answering questions and solving some puzzles. Tell them they are going to just try their best and it’s important that they are honest.

    Here are some helpful tips to prepare your child for testing day:

    • Explain this is to help understand more about themselves
    • Explain that each person is unique and these test are done for children and adults of all ages
    • Explain that the amount of time for them to expect for the test (This will be determined beforehand)
    • Listen and support them throughout the process

    I work with you and your child to ensure a comfortable and supportive test environment. If you have any further concerns on the testing process and explaining it to your child we’ll help guide you through the process.

    3. What are the fees for assessments?

    We are a fee-for-service provider, and services are based on an hourly rate of $150 per hour. The cost for a full assessment is determined by the amount of hours required to complete the assessment including the actual assessment, assessment scoring and the feedback session. Generally a full assessment ranges from $1500 to $4500. The needs for each client is assessed to ensure only the proper test are administered. 

    Payment can be made by cash, credit card, check or Health Savings Account.

    Partial payment of 50% of due on the day of testing. The final payment is due before the feedback session.

    4. How long does an assessment or test take to complete?

    Depending on the test type testing can range from 5 to 15 hours. When we schedule the initial evaluation appointment the testing time will be determined. Appointments can be scheduled in multiple shorter sessions and expect 2-4 weeks for the assessment to be written up.

    5. Do you accept insurance?

    Insurance companies generally don’t cover psychological testing. Please contact your specific insurance provider to see your financial responsibility before scheduling services with our team.

    6. What do I ask my insurance company?

    • Do you cover psychological testing?
    • If I pay out of pocket will I be reimbursed?
    • Is a pre-authorization required?
    • Do I need a referral to complete a test?
    • Is there a deductible?

    7. Can you come to my home for testing services?’

    In home testing services are done on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information. Note there is a increased cost of 25% more for in home testing services.

    8. How do I prepare for the day of testing?

    After your initial intake we’ll provide you the expected time and date for the selected assessment.

    Here are some tips to prepare for the day of:

    • Make sure to get a full night of sleep for a few nights before the test
    • Eat a light meal and make sure your hydrated
    • Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes early for your appointment
    • Give yourself enough time to not be rushed getting to the appointment
    • Don’t feel pressured to finish in a certain amount of time as each person is unique

    We provide a comfortable environment for testing for our clients. We remain with your or your child throughout the testing process to assist in any breaks, questions or assistance that might be needed during the testing process.

    9. What happens after testing?

    After the test our team works to score and conclude results from the test. After we complete the scoring you will meet with our team to receive your results. We’ll offer recommendations to help assist you and your family for future success. Our approach is collaborative and you can expect before leaving your appointment to understand the results and identified next steps forward.

    10. How can I schedule an appointment for assessment?

    If you have any further questions or you’re interested in testing services Contact us here now.