• Teens and Social Media

  • With Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Twitter, SnapChat, the social media apps continue to grow, especially with so many teens having 24-7 access to internet on their cell phones. Teens and social media usage is a new problem that families need to be aware of with the ever expanding popularity of these apps and the internet. (Read more about current social media apps that teens are using)

    Many teens are unaware of the impact of what they are putting out on their social media accounts. They aren’t thinking about the future implications of what employers might think of their accounts in the future? Teen girls are notorious for posting provocative “selfies” in their underwear on social media. Are these girls aware of who is looking at their photos and what kind of message they are conveying in this picture? Do they have their settings set to private so that only friends can see their photos? Do they accept “friend requests” from strangers? Do they engage in conversations with strangers? Are they posting statuses that they wouldn’t want future employers to read?

    If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest discussing what you are ok with your teen posting and what you aren’t ok. You might want to educate yourself on the various social media accounts that your child has before approaching the topic. Remember to be open to what your teen has to say and they will be more open to what you have to say. There are different ways that you and your teen can explore for how you are going to manage their usage:

    Do you want to periodically check their accounts with them sitting with you?

    Do you want them to provide you with their passwords for accounts?

    Do you want to have your own account and “follow” or “friend” your child so that you can see what they are posting?

    Or maybe you trust your teen enough to let them manage social media themselves without direct monitoring. If so, I suggest still continuing to have conversations with them on the topic to keep it on both of your minds!

    As you can see, there are different ways you can explore social media usage with your teen so that you can feel more comfortable for what they are posting. Find whatever it is that works best for you and your family before something your teen posts damages their internet reputation!

    Is there anything that you do with your teen that works well with managing their social media usage? Let me know your thoughts on the subject!