• Teens taking too many “Selfies”?

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    Selfies: a word now in the dictionary, the name of a new TV show, something that celebrities are posting on social media all of the time, and something that has become such a large part of today’s pop culture.  Are teens today taking too many selfies? With apps like Instagram giving teens a place to share pictures with the world, it seems like some enjoy the attention that they get and they post a lot of “selfies.” In case you don’t know what I am talking about, “selfie” is a picture of yourself that is now so easy to do with the cameras in front of the phone.

    Teens can take pictures of themselves, add a nice photo filter to the photo to make it look nice, and post this photo on their account for everyone to see. Unless your teen has their profile set to private, anyone with an Instagram account can view this photo. Many teens become obsessed with seeing how many likes they get on their photos, even if it is from people they don’t know. The likes serve almost as a popularity contest and they might feel badly if they don’t get enough likes.

    Watch out for how often your teen is taking selfies. Some teens spend a lot of time taking selfies, trying to capture themselves at the right angle and with the best lighting possible. This can interfere with doing schoolwork, spending time with their friends, sleeping and eating and this is when it is becoming a problem. If they are spending so much time taking selfies or checking how many likes they get that it is interfering with their every day functioning, it is time to intervene.  Like many other seemingly harmless activities, selfies could become an addiction.

    For this reason, as with any social media usage, be careful to monitor what they are posting. You can do this by requesting that they share their passwords with you or requesting that they accept you as a “friend” so that you can follow their online activity.

    I always stress the importance of open communication with parents and teens and this is another reason why it’s important!

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